I'm pregnant and I have private health insurance. What are my options?

Great question! There are a few options available to you as a private patient, as well as all of the options that are available to public patients. Specifically, the private options are either a private midwife, or a private obstetrician. Private midwife To receive care from a private midwife and obtain Medicare benefits, your midwife will need to work with an obstetrician or a doctor who provides obstetric services. Some private midwives are able to provide labour and birth care in hospital settings, while others are only able to provide labour and birth care at home. All private midwives can provide pregnancy and postnatal care. Hospital options may include private or public hospitals; it’s best to ask your midwife which hospitals she attends births at.

Private obstetrician Private obstetricians can provide pregnancy, birth and postnatal care, although birth care would also be provided by hospital midwives who may be unknown to you until birth. Private obstetricians deliver babies at public and private hospitals.

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