Mum sent home in taxi four hours after birth


ON Monday night, Casey Benger gave birth to a beautiful little boy at ... Hospital.

Four hours later they were on their way home.

The taxi driver who collected the mum and her new baby was outraged that she would be released in the middle of the night so soon after giving birth, but the hospital says it’s normal practice.

... under the community midwifery program, if a mother has given birth before, if it was a vaginal birth, and the delivery was uncomplicated, the mother and baby can go home four hours after the delivery.

... “I was a bit shocked at first and asked if it would be better to stay ...”

“The staff are under a lot of pressure up there. They were very busy with people coming and going ...

This is the experience for many women birthing in the public system where resources are stretched. Women can expect to be discharged home between 4 and 48 hours following birth, with some follow-up at home.

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