Private midwife at public hospital

Our local newspaper wrote an article about the model of care I am able to offer women:

THE owner of Essential Birth Consulting at Bexley, Melissa Maimann, 33, has become the first private midwife in Sydney to be accredited to deliver babies in a public hospital.

She said this was exciting news for expectant mums who want a personalised delivery but might be experiencing a high-risk pregnancy.

Ms Maimann said her model of care was unique in Australia because it included access to a back-up obstetrician.

"I am able to support women with risk-associated pregnancies because obstetric care is available," she said. "This is a real benefit to women as often those with high-risk pregnancies are limited to obstetric care with little, if any, midwifery input."

Ms Maimann, who established Essential Birth Consulting five years ago, has helped deliver about 76 babies.

She was profiled in the Leader last December for becoming the first private midwife in St George to receive accreditation to provide Medicare-funded private midwifery services. This has equated to savings of about $2500 a client.

Ms Maimann limits bookings to an average of two births each month to ensure a high quality service for families. She supports natural births, including water birth, and vaginal birth after caesarean, vaginal twin and vaginal breech births.

"We know that continuity of care is the single most important factor for women in the pregnancy and birth care and I am proud to offer it," she said.

"Women may have care conveniently in their home or in my Bexley clinic."

There were 295,700 registered births in Australia in 2009, Australian Bureau of Statistics figures showed.