Before you have a baby ... Expert Financial Planning Advice

Many families have asked me over the years about issues relating to budgeting for a family, and also about their options for such things as paid parental leave versus the Baby Bonus. I am delighted to have met Boris Glushankov who is a Financial Planner at In Advance Financial Management. Boris has a special interest in all issues relating to budgeting and financial planning for new families and couples who are considering having their first baby.

You often hear new parents say that having a baby is an amazing life-changing experience. Nothing is ever the same again! At a time when every aspect of your life is changing, the last thing you want to think about is money. It may not be always possible to reduce your financial commitments, but there are things you can do to plan and manage them more effectively.

"In Advance Financial Management" has created a unique “Before Having a Baby Essentials Package” to help with your changing financial needs. We have brought together a group of professionals from different areas (Financial Planning, Mortgage consulting, Accounting and Legal Services) to offer you a complete solution for preparing your finances for the arrival of a new member in your family. The base “Before Having a Baby Essentials Package” includes: • Two(2) written budgets – one for your current circumstances and one for when the baby is born • A review of your debts to maximise cash-flow when your baby is born • A review of your Insurances, both inside and outside of superannuation. In addition to the “Before Having a Baby Essentials Package” we can also offer you: • A review of your mortgage to free up cash-flow and see if any other benefits can be attained • Advice on maximising Centrelink benefits and help with related Centrelink forms • Review of your new Estate Planning Needs including creation of a Will • Accounting service Please see attached document for further explanation of each service and pricing.

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