Homebirth: the right choice, naturally


WHEN Kate Randell and Chris Lockyer welcomed baby Mali, it happened in their comfortable family home.

The couple decided to have a homebirth because Ms Randell's pregnancy was low-risk and, after nine years' experience as a midwife, she knew she would feel more natural and relaxed in her own house.

... the couple were prepared with a homebirthing kit, including oxygen and advanced medical supplies, had a registered midwife on hand and were willing to go to hospital if there were any complications.

She said she would never have considered a home birth if she was having twins or the pregnancy was high-risk.

"With any high-risk pregnancy the best place is in a hospital, but with a low-risk, normal, healthy pregnancy and a labour where everything is going OK - it should be whatever the parents feel most comfortable with," ...

... "Most people don't realise that all birth has risk and that babies die in hospital, too, not just at home," ...

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