More Women Choosing To Have Their Babies At Home


Despite a decrease in home births between 1990 and 2004, the number of home births actually increased between 2004 and 2009 by 29%, an upturn of 0.56% in 2004, to 0.72% in 2009. In 2009, a total of 29,650 home births were reported in the United States. This is the most home births reported since researchers began analyzing data on this topic in 1989 ...

Benefits Of Home Births

More private, less chaotic The woman is surrounded by the comforts of her own home Fewer people involved Lower chance of a C-section Cheaper More personal experience

Midwives Are Present At Most Home Births 62% of home births reported in 2009 occurred in the presence of midwives, while only 7% of hospital births had a midwife present. 19% of home births had a certified nurse present, and 43% of home births were supervised by other types of midwives, for example, direct-entry midwives or certified professional midwives. The study reports that a mere 5% of home births had taken place in the presence of doctors, probably because the majority of them occurred without notice. 92% of hospital births had doctors present.

33% of home births were supervised by someone other than a doctor or midwife. For example, family members may have helped ...

Taking A Look Back The way women choose to deliver their babies has drastically changed in the last 100 years:

In 1900, the majority of births took place outside of a hospital - very few women had their babies at a place other than their own homes. During 1940, only 44% of women chose to have their babies at home By 1969, 1% of women were having their babies at home. (These figures remained the same into the 1980s)

The move from homebirth to hospital birth occurred with no rigorous studies of either birth place. Recent research has now concluded that for a healthy, low-risk woman, a homebirth is no more dangerous to her or the baby, than a hospital birth. It is only when complications are added to the mix, that we start to see that home birth is less safe than hospital birth. Research is also conclusive that if we take a healthy, low-risk woman and assist her to birth at home, she will experience less intervention and more satisfaction with her birth experience, compared to birthing in hospital. Homebirths are making an evidence-based comeback!

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