Pregnancy Symptoms

I am often asked by women what they might expect to experience in early pregnancy. Here's a guide below: The symptoms below are some of the more common symptoms that women experience. It's always best that women contact their eligible midwife or GP early in pregnancy to arrange for a pregnancy test and a dating scan if needed. Eligible midwives are able to order all of the necessary tests and scans and no referral is needed.

Late period This is a common sign of pregnancy, and it is the one that it most often found first.

Morning sickness Some women experience this, while other women do not. Some experience it as a later sign of pregnancy.

Sore, tingly breasts This can also be one of the earlier signs of pregnancy and it can feel similar to premenstrual breast tenderness.

Tiredness Tiredness is a common pregnancy symptom in early pregnancy.

Changed tastes or strange tastes and off-putting smells Some women will have a strange taste in their mouth, like / dislike food that was previously disliked / liked, and may be put off by smells that were previously quite ok.

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