What are the best positions for labour?

The best positions for labour and birth will be the positions that are the most comfortable for the woman. These are usually also the positions that will assist the baby into a good position to be born. The positions you decide to use will have an effect on your sense of control and how you experience your labour. Generally, women who are able to move around as they need to, will expefince labour more positively and as being less painful, than women who are confined to the bed.

There are many positions that women will naturally adopt in labour, such as: - Standing - Leaning over a bench or couch - All fours positions - Kneeling positions - Walking - Lying on your side

Because gravity helps the baby’s head to descend deeply into the pelvis, upright positions are generally better for aiding progress in labour while also reducing pain. This is because upright positions work with the body in labour, rather than against it.

Many women choose to birth in the water because the sensation of being in water combined with the lack of gravity makes them feel more mobile and able to position in the best way possible to help the baby move through the pelvis.

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