Doctor's preference has strong influence on VBAC


Women who have previously given birth by caesarean are strongly swayed by the opinion of their doctor when it comes to how they should have their second child ...

... mothers in this situation are poorly educated on the risks they face with each delivery option.

Despite vaginal births having up to an 80 per cent success rate among those who have had a previous caesarean, most women surveyed decided against having their baby this way.

"Even though most women can achieve a vaginal delivery with trial of labour, less than ten percent of them attempt to do so,"

... 43 per cent of mothers [thought] their doctors preferred the idea of trial of labour went through with it, while only four per cent did when they claimed their physician was in favour of caesarean.

... the vast majority of patients were unaware of the chances of success and danger through vaginal delivery and more than half did not know which delivery method had a faster recovery time ...

This raises an interesting discussion around informed consent doe VBAC versus elective repeat caesarean. What did your midwife or obstetrician tell you about caesarean versus VBAC, and were you swayed by their opinion? Did you choose your midwife or doctor based on whether they would support you in a planned VBAC or caesarean?

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