Why use natural methods for dealing with labour?

Natural methods of pain management focus on the resources within yourself. Women who achieve a natural birth experience a greater sense of empowerment and confidence and this lasts through motherhood. They bond better with their babies, have improved breastfeeding experiences and have less postnatal depression. Natural pain control methods result in less intervention in the labour. While some labours require intervention, all intervention carries risks and complications, and this in itself makes the labour less safe. Natural methods avoid unnecessary intervention, therefore making for a safer birthing experience for you and your baby. Specific Strategies

  • Use of positions (standing, squatting, all fours, side-lying). Upright positions increase the pressure on the cervix, sending a positive feedback mechanism to the brain that promotes the secretion of oxytocin.
  • Bath, shower, massage, aromatherapy, acupuncture, acupressure, visualisation, relaxation, music, calm voices, hot packs, encouragement
  • Breathing techniques
  • Stay well hydrated and eat as you need to.
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