Women need a year to recover from childbirth


New mothers may be told that they will be back to 'normal' within six weeks of giving birth, but a new study has found that most women take much longer to recover.

... it takes a year to recover from childbirth

... The psychological effects can also take much longer to recover from.

... hospital wards can have a negative impact on women’s ability to recoup and celebrate the birth of their child because of the constant stream of visitors and the unfamiliar rules and regulations.

Helping new mothers adapt to having a baby in the home has also changed a lot over the years.

In the past women were shown how to perform tasks such as baby bathing and were only discharged from hospital when they were ready.

Now women can go home as soon as six hours after childbirth and many feel they are just 'left to get on with it'.

Dr Wray said: 'The research shows that more realistic and woman-friendly postnatal services are needed.

'Women feel that it takes much longer than six weeks to recover and they should be supported beyond the current six to eight weeks after birth.

'However, government funding cuts and a national shortage of midwives means that postnatal services will only face further challenges. The midwifery profession must raise the status of postnatal care as any further erosion can only be bad for women and their children.' ...

Private midwifery provides women with 6 weeks of comprehensive postnatal care.

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