Babies Born At 37-38 Weeks More Likely To Have Health Problems


... babies born just a few weeks premature have worse health outcomes than babies born at full term ...

... both babies born at 32-36 weeks ... and 37-38 weeks (early term) required hospitalization in the first few months compared to those born at full term (39-41 weeks). In addition, the risk of wheezing and asthma was increased among babies born between 33 and 36 weeks compared to babies born at full term.

The researchers found a strong association between increasing risk of poor health outcomes and decreasing gestation, and that the greatest contribution to disease at age 3 and 5 was being born moderate/ later preterm or early term.

... mothers of early preterm babies were less likely to breast feed for 4+ months compared to women who gave birth after 37 weeks, and were more likely to smoke ...

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