Ten Tips for a Normal Birth

  1. Choose a place to birth where you're most comfortable and that supports normal birth. This may be at home or in a hospital.
  2. Choose a healthcare practitioner who supports normal birth. Many women have found that care provided by midwives includes less interventions and more labor support.
  3. Don't request or agree to induction of labour unless there's a medical reason. Allowing your body to go into labour on its own is usually the best sign that your baby is ready to be born. Allow your labour to find its own pace and rhythm.
  4. Move around freely during labour. You'll be more comfortable, your labour will progress more quickly, and your baby will move through your pelvis more easily if you stay upright and respond to your labour by changing positions
  5. Think carefully about who will be ideal to support you during labour and birth
  6. Ask that your baby's heartbeat be monitored intermittently so that belts, cords and wires do not tie you to a machine or specific place.
  7. Eat and drink as your body tells you to. Drinking plenty of fluids during labor will keep you from getting dehydrated and give you energy.
  8. Use non-pharmacologic pain management strategies such as baths and showers, massage, hot packs, aromatherapy, focused breathing and other comfort measures
  9. Don't give birth on your back! All-fours and kneeling positions are more comfortable, increase the effectiveness of your contractions and enable you to work with gravity. Push when your body tells you.
  10. Keep your baby with you after birth. Skin-to-skin contact keeps your baby warm and helps to regulate your baby's heartbeat and breathing. Keeping baby with you in your room helps you to get to know your baby, respond to your baby's early feeding cues and get breastfeeding off to a good start.

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