Tummy time for babies?

Tummy time is often recommended for babies, but what is it and why do we recommend it? Tummy time simply means allowing your baby some play time on his/her tummy while you are there to watch over your baby. During waking hours, it helps a baby's muscle development and eventual hand-eye coordination, as well as enhancing head and neck control. Developing head control is important for babies as it helps your baby to visually explore their environment. Once a baby can see things, s/he is more likely to start to reach for them and this helps in their exploration of their world.

Tummy time also helps the development of a baby’s skull bones. Due to the risk of SIDS, all parents are strongly encouraged to sleep their babies on their backs, but consequently there are a lot of babies with flat heads and even hair loss on the part of the head that the baby sleeps on. Tummy time can help with both of these concerns.

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