Your Own Birth Philosophy

There is no one right way to birth your baby, although many people will happily give advice on what is best! Every woman needs to find her own best way of birthing her baby. For some women this will be a natural birth, while other women will prefer to opt for an epidural, or even a caesarean. By learning as much as you can about pregnancy and birth and babies, you can come to understand what feels right for you. Your philosophy for birth will probably be similar to your philosophy in life in general. Women who find themselves making decisions based on what "feels right" will often make labour decisions on the same basis. A highly organised woman who likes to gather lots of information before making a decision will probably do the same about pregnancy and birth options.

For some women, it will feel safest to leave all decisions to their midwife or obstetrician, while other women will want to make their own decisions after learning all of the important details from a variety of sources, including their own midwife or obstetrician.

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