Collaborative care: one year on. What are women saying?

It has been over a year now since I starting providing care in collaboration with a private obstetrician, and just over a year since we had our first birth under this unique model of care. What do women have to say about the care that they have received?

I am extremely pleased with the service, which I believe allowed me to achieve my goal of a natural birth.

The collaborative model seemed unique to me. To have a private midwife and our own birth experience but in a hospital with obstetric back-up in case of unexpected complications, allowed us to feel totally comfortable and confident for our first baby.

We found your program very thorough. I felt extremely well prepared in every way.

We feel that if we had been dealing with unknown hospital staff, we would have felt much more anxious.

It would be hard to improve such good care

We were very happy with the continuity of care received by Melissa and Andrew which enabled us to have the birth we wanted. The prenatal care and education is what we valued the most as it enabled us to feel confident and prepared for labour and birth. Having Andrew involved gave us the confidence that if we required obstetric intervention at any stage that it would be available with someone who knew us and our birth plans.

Looking back on the night leaves me feeling elated, confident and proud about how the labour and birth turned out. I don’t believe I would have these positive feelings about the birth if we didn’t have Melissa and Andrew.

Having Melissa as my private midwife was one of the most valuable and most special experiences of my life. There is no way I could have achieved the same level of confidence in myself and the birth process without Melissa’s guidance and experience.

I was respected in my choices and decisions.

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