I'm meeting with a private midwife. What questions should I ask?

Some of the suggested questions will be of major importance to you and others will not concern you at all. It is very important to be clear with your midwife about what is important to you and what sort of care you expect. Contact and availability

What are your back-up plans? How can I contact you if I need help or advice? Are you likely to be away when my baby is due?


How long have you been registered as a midwife? Where have you worked?


What qualifications do you hold? Do you hold any professional memberships?

Professional Development

Can you describe the continuing professional development you have participated in over the past year? Do you engage in peer review?


What arrangements for professional indemnity insurance do you have? Do you maintain a register of the births that you have attended? Do you currently have any cases against you? Do you audit your practice? Are your stats in line with current safety standards? Does your practice adhere to current professional guidelines for midwifery practice?


What costs are incurred in midwifery care? What is included in these costs? Can I claim the cost with my private health fund? Can I claim your fees through Medicare?


Where will my antenatal consultations take place? How long are the antenatal consultations? How many antenatal consultations am I likely to have? What will happen if I need to see an obstetrician during my pregnancy or labour? How can I access tests and ultrasounds? Do you provide antenatal classes or should I make arrangements to attend private classes?


What hospital transfer arrangements do you recommend? How do you monitor the well-being of my baby during labour? Do you attend water births? What percent of the time do you find it necessary to cut an episiotomy? What would happen if I decided that I want an epidural? What percentage of your clients have a cesarean section? What sort of resuscitation equipment do you have? Do you provide support through miscarriage or stillbirth? Do you encourage your clients to write a birth plan?


What will happen if my baby needs to see a paediatrician? How many postnatal consultations do you provide?

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