Pregnancy to-do list

The following is a helpful check-list of things to do when you discover you are pregnant: When you think you might be pregnant

Purchase a home pregnancy test kit ... it comes back positive ... congratulations!

First trimester

See your local private midwife for confirmation of your pregnancy and to calculate your due date Discuss options for birth with your midwife and engage a pregnancy care provider Choose your model of care Investigate your maternity leave entitlements Prepare a budget for pregnancy and beyond

second and third trimesters

Buy maternity clothes Get fitted for a maternity bra See your chiropractor Participate in an exercise program and enrol for pregnancy yoga Start your independent childbirth education classes And also enrol for Calmbirth (R) classes Have a regular pregnancy massage (eg once per month) Practice your pelvic floor exercies daily Read, read, read Ask lots of questions of your care provider to ensure that you go to your birth feeling confident and empowered Start preparing your baby's room

Preparing for birth

Have a baby shower ... or blessingway .... or both! Choose some baby names Pack your birthing bag, or prepare your supplies for your homebirth Have your car seat fitted by 37 weeks Ensure you are booked into hospital, regardless of your intended place of birth Pack your hospital bag and have it by the front door, or even in the car Prepare some home-cooked meals and have the freezer well-stocked Stock your pantry of all non-perishables you might need Register for Coles on-line

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