What are your practice statistics?

It is a question I am often asked, and rightly so. If a woman would like to have a natural birth, she ought to choose a care provider who has a high rate of natural birth. My birthing statistics are listed below.

The statistics listed below are for the births I have attended at home, in birth centres and in hospitals. They reflect the care that has been provided to women in my care and may or may not represent your individual experience.

The number and type of interventions in a birth will depend on many factors:

Health and safety issues The decisions that are made by a woman and her care provider A woman's motivation to achieve the birth she has planned


Normal birth (no forceps, vacuum or caesarean): 87% Caesarean 6% Vacuum 3% Forceps 4% VBAC 86% Episiotomy 3% Intact perineum 63% 6% women use an epidural for labour 79% women use no medical forms of pain relief in labour 10% women are induced

Statistics for first babies:

Normal birth (no forceps, vacuum or caesarean): 90% Caesarean 3% Vacuum 4% Forceps 3%

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