What is a water birth?

A water birth is when a woman gives birth to a baby when submerged in water (usually in a birth pool or large bath). A midwife should always be present, the same with every birth. With proper care and attention, a water birth is a safe way to birth a baby, and it has important benefits for mothers and babies.

Soap, essential oils and salt should not be added to the water. Ordinary tap water is fine. Generally, when a woman is birthing in a birth pool, she will need an electric pump to pump up the pool, a hose to fill it with water, a net for any "floaties" and a pool liner (if desired).

The water temperature should be warm, at around 35-37 degrees.

Waterbirths may be possible in some hospitals, and they are always possible at home if you have a bath that is large enough to birth in, or a birth pool.

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