4 signs you may need to change care providers

Everyone wants to have a great care provider – midwife or obstetrician – for their pregnancy care. And fortunately, the private system in Australia is characterised by choice, whereby people can choose their own midwife or obstetrician. What are some key signs that the care provider you currently have, might not be the one you should retain? An indifferent or uncaring attitude

Does your care provider look at you and acknowledge you? Do they address your questions fully? Do they have time for you?

Not listening, unresponsive

You let your midwife or obstetrician know of a concern you have. How do they respond? Do they acknowledge your concerns, provide an explanation and work with you through a plan of care?

Do you feel you have to repeat yourself at each appointment while your midwife or obstetrician asks you the same questions that they asked last time? Do they remember the name of your partner? Do they remember your own name??

Lack of knowledge

You ask a basic question that you would assume your obstetrician or midwife would know. They don’t know. More than that, they don’t know where to find out. Please be aware your midwife ought to have a sound knowledge base on normal pregnancy, birth and newborn / postnatal care. Your obstetrician’s knowledge base should be geared more towards managing complications. If your midwife does not know much about cancer treatments and pregnancy, don’t hold that against her. Likewise, if your obstetrician hasn’t attended a waterbirth or homebirth – ever – don’t hold that against him.

Lack of appointment times

You really need to see your midwife or obstetrician, and they simply don’t have time to see you … not this week, and not next week either. But if it’s a genuine emergency, they can see you anytime.

If you have engaged a private practitioner (obstetrician or midwife) for your care, you can expect that they will have time to see you when you need to see them, even if it is not an emergency. They should always be available in an emergency – or have a back-up system in place. However, most of the concerns in pregnancy will not fall into the “emergency” category, and you’d like to know that you don’t need to wait 2-3 weeks for an appointment.

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