Birthing in hospital with your own private midwife

Many women prefer to birth their babies in hospital, but they want to have the same midwife all the way through their pregnancy, birth and post-birth period. It's about building trust, having a familiar face and being understood and supported. During your pregnancy, we explore what birth means to you and discuss your goals for pregnancy and birth, focussing on what's important to you, what you need, and looking at ways of making the birth as positive and healthy as possible. I know that no two women are the same, so your care is tailored and individualised to your needs.

Your care

As your private midwife, I provide clinical care, information, advice and emotional support as you journey through your pregnancy and birth. I meet with you regularly in pregnancy so we can learn about each other, and so you can more feel comfortable with me. I help you formulate a birth plan and de-brief previous birth experiences.

When your labour starts, we will be in frequent contact and we will decid whether I should see you at home before heading to hospital, or whether we will meet at the hospital. I will remain your midwife in hospital, caring for you through your labour until your baby is safely born. Early discharge from hospital is encouraged, and we will continue your care at home for 6 weeks.

It's important to have an understanding of how the general hospital system (public or private) works, to really appreciate why it is so valuable to have your own privat midwife for a hospital birth. Hospital midwives are often busy caring for other women in labour: a hospital-employed midwife often cares for 2-3 labouring women at any given time, while also answering phones, performing administrative roles and so on. When you have your own private midwife with you, she is dedicated to you, and hospital staff are not involved in your care unless invited. This means you have the undivided attention of the midwife you know and trust. Other than your partner and chosen support people, formal birth support is not needed as your private midwife will be right by your side, supporting you all the way.

You benefit from: - higher chance of normal vaginal birth - minimal intervention during birth - professional advice and clinical care - lowest chance of caesarean - lowest chance of episiotomy - lower requirement for pain relief - higher breastfeeding rates - lower rates of pregnancy admissions to hospital - access to midwife means you can change to home birth at any time and have that mifwife as your primary care provider - midwives can monitor your baby in pregnancy and labour - midwives can monitor your health in pregnancy and labour - midwives can liaise with other health professionals if needed

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