Common fears in pregnancy

Many women experience fears and doubts during pregnancy. Will it hurt the baby?

Many women are concerned that things may harm the baby: everything from food to chemicals to stress. Every ache and pain causes alarm, and women feel an enormous need to protect the baby from anything and everything that may be harmful. This is a great thing, and leads to protective behaviours in the mother after the baby has arrived.


Women often experience an overwhelming feeling of responsibility towards this baby that is growing inside.

Labour and birth

This is a huge fear! Labour and birth, being something that a woman has not done before, is a great source of fear through pregnancy. If a woman has given birth before by caesarean, she may be fearful of her ability to birth vaginally, and if the last birth experience was traumatic, she will need to unpack and debrief those fears before she can feel confident to birth her next baby.

Can we afford this baby?

Many parents are concerned about being able to afford a baby. Really, this is more a question of budgeting and using each dollar wisely. A financial planner can help – sooner rather than later.

Will I be a good parent?

This is a big worry of both mothers and fathers. We re-call our own childhoods and wonder how we can do things differently so that our children have a good upbringing.

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