What happens in a booking-in appointment with a midwife?

A booking-in appointment is an integral part of caring for women during pregnancy. The main focus of the booking appointment is for your midwife to go through your full health history to identify anything that might be an issue or concern for you in pregnancy.  This is so that she can work with you to formulate a plan for your care going forward and to invite, with your permission, other care providers who may be helpful, for example social workers, a dietician, obstetrician or chiropractor.

The other aspect of a booking-in appointment is to give you information on early pregnancy, perhaps on nutrition, breastfeeding, birth options and so on.

It can be a fairly full-on appointment, so take some time to digest what is being said and ask for written information so that you can take this away and read it in your own time.

Most midwives really love it when women come to their appointments with a list of questions they would like to ask, so feel free to always write down anything that is troubling you.

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