Do I need a doula if I have a private midwife?

A private midwife will care for you from early pregnancy, in labour and until 6 weeks after the birth of your baby.  S/he will provide continuous care in labour, so in other words, sh/he will not leave your side.  This is very different to having birth care from hospital midwives, who typically care for 2-3 women in labour.  So the choice of doula and private midwife, or private midwife is yours, and some women find it beneficial to have both.  Other women express that it felt "too much" and that there were too many people standing around.  If you are choosing to have a private midwife and a doula, it's a good idea if they meet each other in your pregnancy and work with you to discuss and prepare a birth plan so that you feel well-supported on the day. Visit my website for more information about my services!