Things you must know now you're pregnant

Pregnancy - especially first-time pregnancy - is a daunting time where women feel they are walking a new path with unknown twists and turns.  Following is a list of things to know as you embark on your journey. Antenatal classes book out!  In order to book classes with a reputable childbirth educator, you need to book in fast!

Antenatal care is important, even if you feel that all is well.  Antenatal care is preventative in its nature, it allows you to form a relationship with your midwife or doctor and it allows for any potential problems to be identified and cared for before they become major problems.

You need to buy or hire a car seat, and have this fitted by 37 weeks at the latest.  A car seat must be fitted if you are driving your baby home from hospital.

Morning sickness is helped if you have a carbohydrate-rich snack before getting out of bed in the morning.  Try some dry crackers.

Take your friends' labour horror stories with a pinch of salt.  Remember that their experience is their own, and is a reflection of the choices that they made in regard to care provider, birth place and pregnancy and birth management.

Exercise is essential for helping you get your pre-pregnancy body back after baby arrives, and women who maintain their fitness as much as possible during pregnancy will bounce back faster after the birth.

Pregnancy is the best time to explore options for child care.  Once your baby arrives, you'll be fairly short on time and with fewer options available to you.  Use it as an information-gathering time and learn as much as you can about all the child care options.

Stretchmarks are determined more by genetics that by your skin care routine.

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