When Will My Baby Engage?

Most first babies will engage before labour starts, and often they’ll engage a couple of weeks before labour starts.  With second and subsequent babies, often they won’t engage until labour has started.  However, even if your baby doesn’t engage before labour, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your baby will never engage, or that labour won’t start.  There are a whole range of reasons why (first) babies might not engage, from their position, to the woman’s emotions, to bodily issues.  Some women hold onto their babies because they are fearful of becoming a mother, or fearful of the birth process, or they’re waiting for someone to arrive from overseas (or likewise, to leave!)  Other times, the pelvis might not be in alignment, preventing the baby from engaging.  Usually, a baby who has not engaged is not an indication that the baby is too big. For more information about my services, visit my website