Caesareans: the easy way out?

New research challenges the notion that a caesarean is an easy way to give birth.  Some believe that a caesarean is quick and easy: you simply choose a day, turn up at the hospital, and voila! Before you know it, you're in theatre and your baby is safely on your chest. Not so, it seems!

At 6, 12, and 18 months postnatally, women who had had a cesarean section were more likely to report extreme tiredness and back pain.  They were, however less likely to report urinary incontinence than women who gave birth vaginally.

Physical health problems commonly persisted through the first 18 months postnatally, with potential long-term consequences for women's health. The study concludes that, "Cesarean section does not result in women experiencing less overall morbidity in the postpartum period compared with women who have a spontaneous vaginal birth".

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