Going Private

A great article, depicting a woman’s first-hand experience giving birth to her baby in the private hospital system. She says she believed, like many women, that if she went private, she’d have more choice and assistance during the process.

She attended “one of Sydney’s most exclusive private hospitals” and was less-than-impressed with her experience which culminated in a post-partum haemorrhage.

When she later compares her experience to that of her friends who went through the public system, she was struck by their stories of attentive midwives and immediate action when any complications occurred.

At the end of the article, the writer expresses that, “I’d prefer it if my hospital did away with the fancy additions and invested in the luxury that counts - an experienced woman who will listen, explain what is happening and most of all, just be there.”

A little-known option of care is private midwifery care, for a planned hospital birth.  It’s an option that is available in Sydney, Toowoomba, South Australia and Western Australia.  The word is getting out there and women are looking into their options for care that represents the best of both worlds: one care provider for the entire pregnancy, birth and postnatal period, for a hospital birth.

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