Is VBAC encouraged?

VBAC is encouraged as a safe way to birth a baby.  Every birth carries risks, and VBAC is no different, but when compared with the risks of another caesarean, VBAC is the safer option for mother and baby. I actively encourage women to consider - and plan for - a VBAC, and support women through continuity of carer.  Women are encouraged to find their own best ways of coping with labour, including upright positions, use of the bath and shower, waterbirth, massage and hot packs.  Women are surrounded by love and support during labour and birth.

We take lots of time in pregnancy to prepare for and plan for a VBAC.  You see, the preparation is a bit different to the preparation a woman will do with say a first birth, or a second birth where the first birth was a vaginal birth.  A woman planning a VBAC first needs to unpack her previous experience and debrief it, understand it and work out what she might like to do or try next time.  This might include natural therapies, courses, workshops, reading, and so on.

With the right support, thorough education and preparation, most women achieve a VBAC: some 80%-90%.  This is contrasted with the NSW average which sits at just over 15%.

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