Your first pregnancy ultrasound scan

Your midwife or obstetrician might refer you for a dating scan early in your pregnancy for a few reasons.  Dating scans are often performed between 7 and 12 weeks of pregnancy. There are a few good reasons for having a dating scan:

  1. You may see your baby's heartbeat, and this can be very reassuring to see
  2. The scan can determine if the pregnancy is in your uterus, or in your fallopian tubes
  3. You can see that the placenta is starting to form
  4. You can tell if you are carrying twins
  5. Also, a scan early in your pregnancy can more accurately date your pregnancy than using your period date alone.

Research has shown that when midwives and obstetricians use a due date that has been assessed from an early scan, women are much less likely to need to be induced for going beyond 41 or 42 weeks.