Midwifery care

Why have midwifery care? Many studies have shown that women having midwifery care have equal and better outcomes compared with women who have standard hospital care.  There are infinite benefits to the the midwifery model of care which sees pregnancy, birth and the new parenting period holistically.  These include avoiding the “cascade of intervention”, high rates of normal birth and breastfeeding, high rates of satisfaction with care and partner and family involvement.

What if there is an emergency or complications?

While midwives are expert at guiding women and babies through normal pregnancy, birth and the new parenting period, we are also expert at recognising when there are problems developing and in getting help for the women and/or her baby.  Midwives carry medications and oxygen and equipment to homebirths, so that the more common issues that can arise can be managed in the home, but we are always ready to move to the hospital if necessary.  The vast majority of the time, transport to the hospital is not an emergency and is done by private car.  An ambulance can be called if needed, however this is not very common.

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