Birth stools

I have had a few women ask me about birth stools in the past couple of weeks.  In particular, women are concerned that birth stools may increase the amount of blood lost during / after birth, and that they may increase the chance of tearing.  Both of these concerns are valid, however just because you birth on the birth stool, does not mean that you will tear or lose too much blood.  Many women birth on the birth stool and are just fine. Birth stools have a few uses.  You might like to use it in labour as it provides you with a supported squat position.  Your partner might like to sit on it while supporting you from behind.  It is also helpful early on in the second stage to help the baby to descend through your pelvis.  Once the baby has descended, you can change to another position, such as all-fours or kneeling or standing.  If your bottom starts to feel numb, you can easily stand and move around between contractions, and sit back down on the stool during the contraction if this is comfortable for you.

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