Questions to ask on your hospital tour

Most hospitals offer the opportunity to view the delivery rooms while you are pregnant so that you can gain a sense of what it is like, how you might wish to prepare and what to expect. There are some questions you might like to ask while you're on the hospital tour, so that you can be better prepared for when you come in.

What equipment is available to support me in a natural birth?

Things like birth balls, bean bags, floor mats, a bath, shower, hot packs and so on.

How long are the midwives' shifts?

Midwives generally work in three shifts a day, with each shift being 8 hours (the night shift is often 10 hours).  Why does this matter?  The more shift changes there are, the more likely it is that you will be cared for by more than one midwife during your labour and birth.

What are the options for fetal monitoring?

If continuous monitoring is needed, does the hospital provide an option where you can still move around and use the bath and shower? Is the doppler encouraged if all is well?

How many support people can I have in labour?

What should I bring for my hospital stay?

Can I have a water birth or labour in the bath?  What percentage of women give birth in the bath?

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