What equipment do women need for a homebirth?

A while back, we looked at what equipment midwives bring to a homebirth.  But there are also a few things that women will need to supply for a homebirth.  Most of the items are inexpensive and are found around your home, so it's really just a case of gathering the supplies together.

  • Face washers
  • 3 old bed sheets: one for the bed, one for the couch and one spare
  • 15 old towels (especially if you're having a waterbirth)
  • 3 large plastic sheets (eg painter’s drop sheets or plastic shower curtains) for covering the couch, bed and for under the birth pool.
  • Plastic supermarket bags for rubbish
  • Plastic container with lid for placenta
  • Large rubbish bin for rubbish
  • Laundry basket for soiled towels
  •  Fan
  •  Candles and matches (optional)
  •  Pillows and bean bags for comfort (optional)
  •  Loose clothes and comfy socks for labour
  • 4 packets maternity pads
  • 2 packets regular pads
  • 1 box of tissues
  • Massage oil
  • Hair bands
  •  Mirror for you to see the birth
  • Music
  • Bendy straws
  •  Baby clothing, jumpsuits, singlets, etc
  • Nappies
  • Cotton wool balls
  • 6 baby wraps
  • Thermometer
  •  Birthing pool
  • Electric pump for pool
  • Hose for filling
  • Connections for hose
  • Mattress or couch to lie on that is close to the pool (cover in plastic)
  • Hand-held colander for “floaties”
  • Camera and/or video recorder
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Present from sibling/s for the new baby

All in all, most of these items are found at home, and your midwife will bring all the medical equipment that is needed.

Melissa Maimann is an eligible midwife in private practice in Sydney.  One of the first eligible midwives in Australia, Melissa offers a range of care options for women.  Visit Melissa's website to learn more about her services.