Early discharge and private midwifery

When I talk about early discharge with women, they often seem concerned.  It seems the media has a lot to do with this, with reports of women being sent home from hospital unable to feed their babies and with little assistance from visiting midwives.  This can be very far from the reality for most women. Early discharge with a private midwife is a different experience.  Within 12 hours of leaving hospital, your private midwife visits you at home.  It is the same midwife that you have seen all through your pregnancy, and the same person who cared for you during your birth.

In my practice, I visit women and babies in their home every day for the first week.  After that, I see women and babies twice in the second week, and then in week 3, 4 and 6.  The care is very comprehensive.  I find that rates of successful breastfeeding are very high: 97% women remain exclusively breastfeeding at discharge from care at 6 weeks.  On reflection, women are happy to have come home earlier and report enormous satisfaction with the frequency of visiting in the days and weeks after birth.

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