5 thuths about private midwifery care

1. Your chance of caesarean is about as low as it can get

  • Approximately 5%, with almost all studies pointing to rates less than 10%, and some as low as 3%

2. The most likely outcome for you and your baby will be:

  • Your labour will start on its own
  • Well prepared, confident and supported, your labour will not need any form of medication to stimulate it once it has started
  • You will require no medical forms of pain relief
  • You will reflect positively on your birth
  • You will birth normally, and without the need for stitches
  • You will exclusively breastfeed your baby with minimal problems
  • You and your baby will experience optimal health and recovery from birth

3. It is an excellent investment in your health and that of your baby

4. While many women will change from one model of care to private midwifery care, few women change from private midwifery care to another model.

5. Private midwifery care means complete continuity of care.  Your midwife is not restrained by a shift duration, she will not be on annual leave with you give birth and she will personally attend you at the times that you need her.

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