Predicting a healthy pregnancy?

Women have often wondered if there was a way to predict a healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy.  New research has now suggested a way that this can be done.

On average, just over 60% women studied had a normal, uncomplicated pregnancy.

The sorts of things that can predict a complicated pregnancy include:

  • Increased body mass index
  • Misuse of drugs in the first trimester of pregnancy
  • High blood pressure early in pregnancy
  • Vaginal bleeding in pregnancy
  • Family history of high blood pressure in pregnancy

The sorts of things that women can do to help have a normal pregnancy include:

  • Pre-pregnancy fruit intake of at least three pieces of fruit per day
  • Being in paid employment

This study suggests that there is a lot that women can do to increase their chance of a healthy pregnancy, including moving towards a healthy weight by exercise and good nutrition.