Breathlessness in pregnancy

Breathlessness is very common in pregnancy, particularly towards the end of pregnancy.

Breathing changes during pregnancy for many reasons:

  1. Pregnancy hormones are at play, and usually mean that a pregnant woman will take in deeper breaths.  This is a good thing,a s she is also breathing for her baby.
  2. The woman's blood volume expands during pregnancy because the woman is also filtering the wastes for the baby.
  3. The baby and uterus lace more pressure against the diaphragm, making breathlessness more common

Shortness of breath is always something a woman should check with her midwife or doctor, because although it is very common, it can also be a sign of complications. 

There is not a lot you can do for shortness of breath during pregnancy.  It can help to sit upright and with good posture, and it does resolve after the baby arrives. 

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