Heartburn in pregnancy

Heartburn is a feeling of 'burning' or discomfort in the chest and throat, but some women experience it as nausea.  It is usually felt after eating or lying down for a few hours. 

Heartburn is very common in pregnancy, affecting more than half of pregnant women.

It is caused by the wonderful hormones of pregnancy that soften and relax us in preparation for birth.  However, one thing that gets softened is the oesophagus, so that partially-digested food can regurgitate back up the oesophagus and burn the back of the throat.  The contents of the stomach are very acidic, hence the burning.

There are some simple measures that you can try to relieve heartburn, such as:

  1. Small, frequent meals
  2. Eating in an upright position
  3. Remaining upright for at least two hours after meals
  4. A glass of milk
  5. Almonds
  6. Antacids

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