Prenatal Testing

Many women are now choosing the 10-week blood test rather than the 12-week nuchal translucency scan. The 10-week blood test is a new blood test that is a more accurate screening test for chromosomal abnormalities than the NT scan. It is so new that the blood is actually processed overseas …. in the US! The test does not carry a Medicare benefit, so parents are out-of-pocket for the full cost of the test, which is around $500-$600. The results are 99% accurate.

The new blood test reduces the need for amniocentesis / CVS which carry a small risk of miscarriage. The test may be used in place of the NT scan or to confirm a high-risk NT result (without needing an amnio). Additionally, it can be performed from 10 weeks. If the blood test comes back positive, the woman would still be advised to have an amnio as the blood result is not 100% (it is 99%+), but the blood test does reduce the number of amnios needing to be performed. Many women coming through this practice are now opting for this test. 

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