Frequently-asked questions

How do I know which package is right for me?

Check out this page which explains the differences between the three package options.  "Your Birth Resource" will give you comprehensive, accurate soft copy resources tailored to your needs.  You can upgrade at any time.  "Frolic in Fertility" adds 5 hours of phone support, so valuable and welcomed by women during pregnancy and in the first few weeks with their baby.  Upgrade at any time.  "The Essential Birth & Baby Package" is the complete package of birth resources, phone support, and 15 hours of one-on-one birth preparation.  This is the program that so many women have used with great success through their journeys to a happy, safe, satisfying and empowering birth experience.

When should I start the program?

The best time to start is 8 weeks of pregnancy.  It sounds early, I hear you.  However, early pregnancy is the period when your baby is forming, and the time when you're setting the foundations for a healthy pregnancy (usually followed by a healthy birth).  Of course you can start your program later, and still derive massive benefit.  If you start your Program later, we simply provide a more condensed format for your Package to ensure that you receive all of the information, support, resources and tools for the best birth possible.

What's special about your packages that I can't get anywhere else?



My Packages are unique in that they are the sole result of my years of experience as a midwife, mostly spent in private practice observing and assisting women to birth naturally, safely and easily.  I understand the physiology of birth and the innate needs of women during pregnancy, birth and the early weeks with a new baby.

My Program and Packages speak to the psyche.  It is not about your blood pressure, your baby's movements, your last ultrasound - although these are so important to a healthy outcome for you and your baby.  But these elements are well cared for in our hospital system, by obstetricians, midwives, homebirth programs and so on.  It is the psyche that is not acknowledged within our medically-driven, scientific, technocratic health system.  My Program derives from my experience as a midwife, hours and hours spent consulting with pregnant women, long hours spent observing and caring for women through labour and birth under their own steam, both in hospital birth units and at home, and in supporting new mothers and new babies through their spectacular transition to parenting and new life.  My Program offers you the very best from my reflections and learnings of a 15+ year midwifery career.

Most definitely!  You complete an online form to let me know more about you, your needs and your preferences.  From there, I'll tailor a special package of resources (and birth preparation, if you have chosen that package) for you.  You'll only receive information that's relevant to your own unique situation.

Will your Packages help me?

Once you've made payment, you'll receive a link to an online form that you can complete to let me know more about you - from there, I'll tailor your package so that you receive the very best resources and tools to help you through your pregnancy, birth and new parenting experience. Your package resources will arrive by email within 24 hours, then again at 20 weeks of pregnancy, and finally at 30 weeks of pregnancy. If you chose the "Frolic in Fertility" or "Essential Birth & Baby" Packages, your phone support / birth preparation can be booked as soon as payment has been made.

After my payment has been completed, how do I access the resources?

Birthing services are not offered through this service.  This services provides support and information through pregnancy and the new parenting period by phone, email and resources.

Do you offer birthing services?

Once you have received your resources, a refund cannot be provided, however a pro-rata (partial) refund is offered for women who have chosen Frolic in Fertility or The Essential Birth & Baby Package, for the unused portion of the service.

What if I need to cancel?

I'm planning a caesarean.  How will your Packages help me?

Caesarean is a valid choice for many women, and contributes to feelings of empowerment and choice for many.  My packages will help you to prepare for a positive caesarean, including a healthy pregnancy and new parenting experience.