healthy pregnancy & birth package

What is a healthy pregnancy and birth?  People may define this in many different ways!  I tend to think that a pregnancy and birth are healthy when they are free of complications - or complications are spotted early and managed well so that their impact is minimal - and a pregnancy and birth that are free of any unnecessary interventions.

This package is great for anyone who wants to know what they can do - the things that are within their own power - to make their pregnancy and birth as healthy as possible.

Early pregnancy

  • Antenatal (pregnancy) care: what’s it all about?
  • Choosing a model of care and a birth place
  • Birth statistics (that might surprise you!)
  • Recommended reading list
  • Nutrition, including tools and assessments you can use on your own
  • Maternity care providers: their roles and why they may become involved
  • Continuity of care: the new buzz word, but what exactly does it mean and is it helpful?


  • Early days with a new baby: what to expect
  • Breastfeeding, including assessments you can do by yourself and feeding charts to make it oh-so-easy
  • How to know if you or your baby may be unwell – and what to do
  • Tongue and lip ties and what you can do about them

Labour and birth

  • Best ways of managing the sensations of labour
  • A guide to support in labour
  • Medical pain relief options
  • Monitoring your baby in labour: what are your options?
  • Labour and birth
  • How to manage your labour naturally: learn what is really needed to labour and birth well, under your own steam
  • Birth planning: know what options you have
  • Birth preparation: mental and emotional preparation for birthing
  • Communicating with your care providers: an approach that helps you negotiate the care you want
  • Tips and pointers for your partner so that they can support you best
  • How to minimise the chance of tearing: I’ll teach you an extremely effective three-pronged approach to minimising tearing.  It works!