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The Essential Birth & Baby Packages include so many resources, tools, tips, tricks, self-assessments, feedback tools, tried and tested approaches and suggestions that have worked for countless women over the years of my private practice.  The Essential Birth & Baby Packages share all of this with you.  Many women ask how these Packages tie in with standard hospital classes, and in particular, whether women need to attend standard hospital classes in addition to The Essential Birth & Baby Packages.  To address this question, I thought it would be best to highlight what you will get with my Packages, that you don't get through standard hospital classes.  Here's the comparison chart:

The Packages available through Essential Birth & Baby are intended to complement and add to the information that is provided via your classes.  You may choose not to attend hospital antenatal classes or independent childbirth education classes, and instead choose books and resources from the recommended reading list that you'll receive - or simply use your Essential Birth & Baby Package.  Other women prefer to attend their hospital's classes - or independent childbirth education courses and I think any of these approaches can work well.